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BEN PEARCE Pearce is one of the world’s finest underground djs, who burst onto the scene in 2012 with his platinum-selling 'What I Might Do' anthem. This summer has seen him starring as resident at one of the best nights on the Island – ANTS. We check in with one of the nicest guys In the industry to see how his summer has rocked…

Let’s kick off with your huge collaboration with Shadow Child ft. Laurel Nothing Ever Hurts…

A pleasure to talk to you guys! I’ve known Si (Shadow Child) for quite a long time through DJing, and so to get the chance to work with him was a real honour. I went down to his studio and we jammed on a few things. He has known Laurel a long time and had some rough vocals lying around. It came together so organically – the best music usually does. I really enjoyed working with him and learnt a great deal also!

What is coming out next from you studio-wise?

I’ve got a remix of Hayden James coming out on Virgin, which was originally released on Future Classic. Then I’m hoping to get another couple of EPs out after that. I’ve got a lot of finished music now, so it’s all about getting the order right now.

So many people are hailing ANTS as the best night in Ibiza. Would you agree?

ANTS is definitely the best party on the island. The music is consistently on point – along with the setting, the marketing and the amazing production. The production really nails it for me though; the whole concept is amazing and really interesting to be around.

How has ANTS changed/developed since 2014?

It has certainly developed in terms of the guests and production quality. The brand is continuously expanding and they are now beginning to run stages at festivals around the world. The colony is just going to keep growing!

What has been your tune of the summer?

I’ve definitely got an album of the summer, which is Maribou State’s Portraits. It’s hard to pick one track from it… but if I had to, then I’d say Midas.

How was Glastonbury this year?

The Love Bullets Stage up in Shangri-La was a favourite for me. Every year those guys nail it. I played for Night Tales on the Thursday night and had a great time playing my discoinspired Sextape set. I wasn’t at the festival for long this year unfortunately, but it was just special to be around such amazing people.

Secret Garden Party has developed into such an incredible festival – when the sun shines there is nowhere better…

I try to describe SGP to people when I’m touring and I end up just having to show them so many pictures and videos. I love that festival so much it hurts, the people again really make it and the Road to Nowhere stage where my main set was this year is just the most magical place. If you haven’t been and are reading this, it is seriously worth checking out. You were named as DJ Mag’s Best Breakthrough Producer in 2013.

What new talent has impressed you this year?

My good friend Laurence Guy; he’s finally started to get recognition. He’s one of the best DJs I know and his music is seriously on point. Expect big things





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